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Scrapbooking Idea: Using Square Photos to Create a Large Photo Block

One of my absolute favorite photo sizes to play with is 4x4". Actually, just square photos in general, no matter the size, are a go-to fun shape to design with. To me, I feel like they are easy to use and create with.

For this layout, I used a design concept that I turn to often for squares photos - grouping them together to create a large photo block. Square photos always look great grouped together like this and it's a super easy design concept. You can...

• Group them together across the page like I did.

• Group them together going from top to bottom.


• Group them in a square block made up of nine photos.

Either way you can include several photos and end up with an effortless photo arrangement to design around.

To complete the layout you can always add a few smaller accent photos or a large focal photo depending on how you arranged your photo block. I add two 2 x 2" photos to the right edge of my photo block along with my title and journaling.

Then on the left edge of the large photo block I added a small embellishment cluster.

I definitely recommend trying out some photo block designs made up of square photos!

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