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Scrapbooking Quick Tip: Using a Stitched Circle to Highlight an Embellishment

It's pretty hard to believe that we are celebrating this guy's 15th birthday today! It feels like he went from cute little chubby-cheek, curly-haired-Drew to almost-driving-a-car-Drew overnight!

This is one of the reasons why I love scrapbooking. Life flies by and it's nice to have some pictures and stories to look back on and enjoy.

At this point we know that I'm probably going to find SOME way to add stitching to my layout. I can't help myself!

One of my go-to stitching techniques is using it to highlight certain elements on my layout. On this layout I decided to give the three biggest circles in my design a little more attention by adding a stitched border around them.

When I create a design like this, that has a grouping of shapes, I like to add a stitched circle in an effort to say, "Here! Look at this!" It's really great for grabbing attention and you can use it to help you create that visual triangle on your layout, like I have on this layout. Stitching always adds a texture that grabs attention so it's a great technique for leading the viewer's vision across your layout.

It doesn't have to just be circles either, you can do the same with pretty much any shape. I like to stitch a circle around hearts and stars too!

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