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Scrapbooking Sketch Support YouTube Video

The new Sketch Support video has arrived!

I really like being able to do Sketch Support in video form. It's so much easier to talk and explain the changes I made to the sketch than it is to write about them. I feel like I'm able to share so much more detail! The detail I like most is that I included a small picture of the sketch in the bottom corner of the screen so you can see the layout and sketch together to better understand what I'm talking about.

This video also has some more tips and tricks and there is a mini-tutorial on how I made the sunburst design. Plus, there is a Sketch Support CHALLENGE and GIVEAWAY, the official rules and details can be found in the video.

If you enjoy the video be sure to like, comment, share, submit...all those good things!

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2 commentaires

Cindy B
Cindy B
27 mars 2020

Great video and explanation for each of the 3 layouts. I normally prefer two page layouts, but I'm enjoying the look of the single page. Thank you for continuing with the videos...I would rather watch a video than read a book. 😄😄


Wonderful process video, Allison! I am totally inspired and can't wait to complete the sketch challenge. Thank you so much for continuing to do this while many of us are homebound.

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