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Scrapbooking With 6 x 6" Paper Pads | Design Idea #2

I've got a new layout to share in a new video available on my YouTube channel today.

Last month I rolled out a new series called Scrapbooking With 6 x 6" Paper Pads and in each of these videos I show how I created a layout design using, you guessed it, 6 x 6" paper pads. I'm so excited for this series that I've already got over a hundred videos planned for it. Seriously. Over a hundred. What can I say? I love creating with 6 x 6" papers!

This month the layout has a large background made up of triangles in a variety of sizes from 1" to 6". This design is so easy and was surprisingly fast to create. I made my layout in a little over an hour, which is insanely quick for me!

I hope you all enjoy this series as much as I am enjoying the process of creating them! Be sure to head over to YouTube to like, comment, share, and subscribe!

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