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Sketch Week #1 | How to Use and Adapt Scrapbook Sketches | Day 2

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

My layout for today has a lot of variations from the sketch, with the adjustments mostly focusing on the need to add more photos.

Here's a look at the sketch I've used as the starting point for all of my layouts this week:

You can download the full two-page sketch with measurements and placements by clicking here.

Variation #1 - Extending a design to include more photos.

Often times I have so many pictures that I want to include that I have to find ways to make a sketch accommodate more photos. An easy solution is to add more by extending a group of photos to either the left and right edges or the top and bottom edges, like I did on my layout.

I extended that middle photo block design to the top and bottom edges by using eight 4 x 4" photos and one 4 x 4" card. Going from three to eight photos is a pretty big jump, but because the photos are the same width as the original 4 x 6" photos, you aren't really sacrificing too much extra of the design space.

Variation #2 - Flipping the orientation of the background strips.

Since I extended the photos to the top and bottom edges, I lost the space for the striped strips. I decided to still include them by flipping them from horizontal as they are on the sketch to vertical on the left and right side of the 4 x 4" photos.

I figured since I flipped the striped strips, I might as well flip a few more. I added a couple more strips by the striped strips on both sides.

Variation #3 - Adding a large background piece.

My 24 x 12" background is on kraft paper and then I have 23 x 11" piece for another background. I like the look of the kraft edges mixed with the bright white background and brightly colored papers and embellishments. Plus, the kraft edges help replace the top and bottom horizontal strips on the sketch.

Variation #4 - Replacing a large photo mat with decorative corners.

When I extended the photos to the top and bottom I had to give up the large photo mat behind the three 4 x 6" photos. I thought a fun solution would be to add some cute wave corners. It's not quite a mat, but it highlights that photo block in the same way as a mat and it adds a fun play on the theme.

Throughout the layout I used plain white elements (waves, wave corners, smaller photo mats, and journaling strips) and added a black line around the edges. I really like the black and white "Splash Zone" and "Good Vibes" mixed with the bright colors of the paper and wanted some of my handmade embellishments to match that look.

Variation #5 - Adding different embellishments.

The last change I made was using a combination of the floral look on the sketch with waves to match water theme of my photos. I just couldn't decide which I like better, the tropical flowers and leaves or the I just did both!

Check back tomorrow for the last Sketch Week layout!

Products used - Patterned papers, die cuts, embellishments: Simple Stories Hello Summer; Tropical leaves: Silhouette, Lilium Pixel SVG; Waves: Silhouette, Sophie Gallo

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3 Kommentare

Cherrie Vrabel
Cherrie Vrabel
29. Mai 2019

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this layout, the wave corners are FABULOUS, the photos are super fun, and everything comes together so well - JUST LOVE IT!!!!

Gefällt mir

I love this. I have such a hard time seeing beyond the sketch, so it’s nice to see the same sketches used such very different ways!!

Gefällt mir
Sarah Price
Sarah Price
02. März 2021
Antwort an

Check out her segment "Sketch Support" on YouTube. It's a total game changer!!! ❤

Gefällt mir
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