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"St. Patrick's Day Party" and Choosing Colors

I hope you like the color green, because my layout today is covered in it!

I generally have some small “rules” that I follow when it comes to colors and picking out papers to go with my photos. Generally I will pick a color that there is little of in the photos and use a lot of it in my papers and what color there is a lot of in the photos, I will use a little of it in my papers. It creates a balance between the two (photos and papers) and ties it all together harmoniously.

However, in the world of creativity we know that the rules are meant to be broken. I've always loves to break a few rules (just ask my mom!)

I broke my colors rule by creating a more monochromatic color scheme on my layout. What better opportunity to do so with a St. Patrick’s Day layout!? Drew’s school party was greened out! We had green clothes, green hats, green cupcakes, green grapes, green cookies, green glasses, green, green, GREEN! It just wouldn’t feel right to not use green papers in celebration too.

One of the things I really liked about this collection from Doodlebug is that among all the green papers, there were some fun pops of bright colors.

My layout isn’t fully monochromatic since I included a few pieces with more colors, but the green still far outweighs anyother color on the layout.

Have you ever created a monochromatic layout? Did you find it challenging? What did you like or dislike about it?

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