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Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This was officially the last Valentine’s Day that we made a themed mailbox and Valentines for classmates. There is a part of me that is a little sad because it means my kids are growing up (and way too fast for my liking!) The other part of me is kind of relieved simply because of the work and planning involved. We do our best to make whatever the boys dream up a reality and there have been some complicated and impressive ideas over the years. Mostly complicated because of myself. I tend to get ideas and it just snowballs into way more work than I had anticipated. The whole creative brain just takes over and I can’t stop myself! However, it’s always fun to have an excuse to sit down and get creative with my kids. We always have fun making stuff together.

I remember the racing cars mailbox you see on this layout was a lot of work because the grass around the race track were 1/2” strips of green paper that I had cut with fringe scissors. It was totally worth it though to see how excited Jackson was when it was finally finished. His Valentines were little Hot Wheels cars with a note that said, “You make my heart race.” It was so cute!

Drew's mailbox on this layout was easy with his Minecraft theme. We had all pre-made items to use and all we had to do was glue them together. His Valentine’s were Minecraft heart keychains that we made from melted perler beads and had a tag that said, “Be Minecraft.”

Over the years we have done:

• Sonic the hedgehog with a heart made out of golden rings

• A cat holding a heart with Valentines that looked like mice

• An Undertale themed box with the all the characters

• A pirate ship w/ Pirate’s Booty for Valentines

• A Pokemon themed mailbox

• A Stranger Things living room complete with the ABC light up wall (that actually lit up) with an upside down version below it.

Do you enjoy making mailboxes and Valentines with your kids? What have been your favorites? If you have pictures, share them in the comments!

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