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Christmas Captured

It's candy cane season!

I remember back to my childhood when we only had two candy cane flavors: peppermint and those multi-colored cherry ones. Today there are tons of different flavors and colors to choose from. I even saw Oreo flavored candy canes at the grocery store the other day! I’m not big on candy, but I could definitely go for an Oreo candy cane!

When the boys were smaller, we used to have a Christmas photo shoot in December and usually I would try to have a different theme or prop that we would use. The props were always helpful, especially when they were toddlers, to keep them occupied. My husband, Mike, was usually standing behind me with a bowl of M&Ms to bribe them with. He also helped bring out the smiles by cracking jokes about things like poop and farts, the typical things that make boys giggle.

The year that we took these photos with Drew ended up being by far the easiest year. We didn’t need to bribe him with candy since the prop WAS candy. Drew went to town playing and eating, I snapped pictures, and we ended up with some of the cutest Christmas pictures.

What are some of your must-take pictures for the holiday season?

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