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Easy Scrapbook Design Idea Using 6x6" Paper Pads

The layout I'm sharing today showcases one of my go-to design concepts that I like to use with 6x6" papers. It's super easy and can be adapt to work with several different sizes.

With this layout there are four 2-1/2 x 2-1/2" photos in the middle along with a row of 2-1/2 x 2-1/2" banner pieces on both the top and bottom edge of those photos. The concept here that I love using so much is arranging a set of photos in a straight row and then using banner pieces in the same size lined up with the photo. It's so simple!

This can be adapt to several different photo sizes and banner piece sizes as well. You can also have the width of the banner piece match the width of the photo, but then adapt the length to fit your needs. Another idea is to only use banner pieces on the top or on the bottom.

It's also easy to add in extra details to this design. For this particular design I added lots of smaller banner strips layered on top with stitching and some pumpkin stickers.

My go-to method for rounding out this design concept is adding my title on one side (bottom left on this layout)...

...and then arranging my title opposite on the other side (top right on this layout.) Then I add embellishment details around those two important elements.

This layout was created using a sketch from my Sketches for 6x6" Paper Pads: One-page Sketches bundle. It has 20 one-page sketches that all use 6x6" papers. You can find it here:

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