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Easy Scrapbook Layout Idea Using 6x6" Papers

Happy Halloween!! I don't think scrapbooking can get much easier than this thanks to 6x6" paper pads!

I created a simple photo block that stretches across the layout with a single sheet of 6x6" paper for my title and a few embellishments. I used a paper that had a spider web design on it and to give it more texture and dimension I added hand-stitching over the top of it.

Tip: anytime you are creating a photo block like this where all the photos are side by side, it's helpful to add some sort of definition to the edges of the photos. I used black paint applied with a make up sponge. Ink and sanding are both great options as well. If you needed to you could also reduce the size of the photos a little and add a cardstock mat.

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