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How to Create Sunburst Designs on Scrapbook Layouts | YouTube Video

The latest Sketch Support sketch ended up inspiring a more in depth look into sunburst designs and how to create them. I was creating the layouts with that fun FREE two-page sketch (you can download it by clicking here) and kept thinking of all the things I wanted to share with everyone about sunbursts. I quickly realized that if I put everything I was thinking about sunbursts into the Sketch Support video, it was going to be way too long. So, I made a video that is strictly sunbursts.

In this video I show you:

• How to create a sunburst with basic supplies. (This goes more in depth and shares more detail and information than the Sketch Support video with the sunburst sketch.)

• How to adapt the sunburst design to your needs.

• How to simplify the design to make creating it even easier.

Along with lots of helpful sunburst designing information.

There is also a layout share with 12 layouts that all feature a sunburst design. I take you through each one and talk about how I created them and give more tips and tricks throughout.

I hope you enjoy the video and find it helpful!

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