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"I Love You Because..." and Creating a Pattern on a Large Shape

I wasn’t lying to you when I told you that hearts were one of my favorite shapes to use in scrapbooking! For this layout, I went beyond just the simple hearts for embellishments and instead used a large heart for a background.

Now, I’ve done the whole large heart background thing many times over (remember my love for hearts!), but I decided to do something a little different this time around. I cut a large heart out of cardstock and then used many, many 1/2 x 3” strips to create a colorful pattern. I alternated three strips going across with three strips going up and down until the whole heart was covered.

To finish the design I added some stitched lines to the strips. Some strips have one stitched line while others have two. The image I had in my head was that I wanted the finished look to almost come across as quilt-like.

Covering a large shape with a pattern can be an interesting and unique way to highlight that shape. Some other patterns you could try:

• horizontal or vertical strips going straight across the shape

• diagonal strips going across the shape

• use an edger punch to layer scallop strips or wavy strips

• cover in smaller shapes like squares, circles, stars, or hearts

• cut the edges of paper with fringe scissors and layer on the shape

• find a quilting pattern you like and recreate it with papers to cover your shape

Do you have any fun pattern ideas? Have you made your own patterns before? Share them in the comments!

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