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"I Wish to be a Fish"

Happy Friday!

As soon as this is posted, I’m off to our local aquatic center to do some swimming with my two favorite fish. By the end of summer I usually have tons of swimming pictures which means I end up making a lot of swimming themed layouts.

The title on this layout, “I Wish to be a Fish,” is inspired by a phrase that my son, Jackson, would say every time he would swim. When he was 2-years-old and in the pool, you could not keep him above water. He would yell, “I want to be a fish!” or “I want to be a shark!” and then he would go underwater. When he came back up, he would yell it again almost immediately, with the water still running down his face, and then dive back under.

A lot of times, using actual phrases or statements from the subjects of your layouts will give you a unique and more meaningful title.

The pictures going across the layout are all 3 x 5”. This is one of my favorite sizes of photos to use. With them being just an inch smaller, both in height and width, than a standard 4 x 6”, they are easy to crop down from a 4 x 6” print. Another added bonus of using 3 x 5” is that you can add more than you would be able to with 4 x 6” photos and it allows more room for design, papers, and embellishments. It’s such a fun size to play around with and definitely one of my go-to sizes that I enjoy using.

What are your favorite photo sizes to use?

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