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Quick Scrapbook Design Tip: Birthday Candles

Try this easy design idea for your birthday scrapbook layouts.

If you know me at all, you know that when it comes to themes, I tend to go a little overboard! A simplified version of this layout would have been a strip of paper in the middle of that photo block. But, I don't know if I ever do simplified versions of anything! I try, but then I just can't help myself. I love detail and carefully selected designs and elements that support my theme.

Birthday candles, to me, are one of the most fun embellishments to add to a birthday layout. They are easy to make and customize to fit anywhere.

The candles I make are typically made up of a candle base, a wick, and a flame.

To customize think about these ideas...

For the candle base:

• use strips off all one size like

• mix and match different widths of strips

• mix and match different heights of strips

• mix and match different patterns and colors

• use ribbon or washi tape

For the wick:

• a stitched line

• craft wire

• twine

• embroidery floss

• draw a line with a pen or marker

For the flame:

• small circle

• small flower

• small star

• small heart

• small triangle

• jewels

• enamel dots

• Nuvo drops

You can also make them small, like they are on my layout, or go big and use taller or wider strips.

Experiment with your next birthday layout and see what kind of birthday candles you can come up with! It's sure to add a unique and eye-catching element to your layout!

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