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Quick Scrapbooking Design Tip: Shape Backgrounds

Often times when I'm in a rut or just looking to change things up a little, I start playing around with designs that revolve around using shapes. It's fun, sometimes a little challenging, and it's almost always sure to reignite the creative spirit.

Stars tend to be my go-to shape whenever I'm creating with boy-heavy photos. It works well that stars also happen to be one of my top three shapes to play around with. (Hearts, stars, and hexagons, for the curious!)

This layout focuses on a simple shape design concept: creating a background made up of shapes.

To do that I used three large stars as my "base" for the background design. Then I added in some smaller stars on top of the larger stars to add more layers.

If you want to play around with some shapes in your paper design, the easiest way would be to try using one shape repeated over and over to create a background.

Play around with shapes like:

• hearts

• stars

• hexagons

• circles

• squares

• flowers

• scallop circles

• arrows

There are also many ways to play around with this concept.

• use big shapes

• use small shapes

• use a mix of big and small shapes

• arrange them in a single layer

• arrange in a large cluster

• use different textures (paper, chipboard, paint, etc.)

If you want more tips and tricks to using shapes in your designs, check out my latest self-paced class:

You can find Shape it Up: Hearts and many more classes and downloadable sketches at!

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