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Scrapbook Design Idea | Banner Background

Banners can be such a fun accent for any design, but have you ever considered creating a whole background with banners? If you haven't, you definitely should!

The fun part is that you can make them with so many different details and shapes.

For my layout I used a mix of triangle pennants and stars.

I also used two different styles of stitching to accent the design. I used a chain link stitch for the banner lines and then added some stitching with a back stitch on some of the stars.

I also add some pieces with foam adhesive for dimension.

If you want to create a banner covered background design try these shapes:

• strips with notches cut out of the bottom

• stars

• hearts

• circles

• triangles

• add in some themed elements like Christmas ornaments, birthday balloons, or Easter eggs

You could also add in some small accent photos to the banner design!

Shop all sketches here: Allison Davis Sketches 

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