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Scrapbook Idea | Comparison Journaling

Comparison journaling is a fun way to view two or more objects, people, places, events, or whatever else you might think of and see how they differ or see how they are alike. I used this method to compare our two cats, Minnie and Izzy.

They are both so different so it was fun to compare and contrast them! About the only thing they really have in common is the obvious, they are cats, so my approach was focused more on their differences.

Each side of the layout was dedicated to one cat with several photos of them and then the journaling.

I used squares to create a grid on each side and used a mix of photos and embellishment squares.

For the journaling I started off by making a quick list of the things I wanted to include. It wasn’t anything too detailed, just some quick notes on their differing personalities.

When writing both pieces for each cat I followed the same structure and flow. Both stories about each cat are pretty much the same except their personal differences. I started with how we got them, then what we named them, followed by nicknames, and then moved onto their likes, dislikes, personalities, and favorite hangouts.

This ended up being a really fun layout to create and document! And, there are so many different ideas you can use for comparison journaling! Here are a few:

• Favorite restaurants

• Vacations

• Stores you like to shop in

• Best friends

• Siblings

• Spouses in the family

• Parents

• Kids vs. parents

• Male family member vs. female family members

• Seasons

• Holidays at different houses

• Birthdays

• Sports

• Pets

• Time of day

These are just a few ideas! I'm sure you all can come up with so many more!

This layout and the journaling concept is from my ebook Writing to Remember: A Guide to Scrapbook Journaling. It's a huge (and I mean HUGE) ebook that is a great resource for journaling that includes so many ideas and prompts to help you.

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