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Scrapbook with 6x6" Paper Pads: Creating the Illusion of Larger Papers

Today I'm mixing my love for 4th of July with my love for 6x6" paper pads!

When using 6x6" paper pads I most often think about different and unique ways I can use these smaller papers together to create larger designs. Sometimes that feels a little more challenging on a two-page layout because you've got 24" to cover, or at least somewhat cover.

One of the ways I enjoy using these smaller papers is to create the illusion of larger or longer pieces by placing matching pieces on each side of a photo or photo block.

On this layout I have a large photo block made up of a 4 x 6" photo and 4 x 3" photos and a journaling block all grouped together. Then to create the illusion of long strips going across most of the page I cut two pieces - one for the left edge and one for the right edge.

The strips match in width, but the vary in length. On the left side they are shorter since my photo block takes up more of the left page. On the right side they are longer and I used them as a background for some embellishments and a couple of 2 x 2" photos.

There are so many designs you can create with this simple 6x6" paper pad design concept! You'll have to give it a try the next time you create with 6x6" papers!

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