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Scrapbooking Design Quick Tip: Creating a Themed Shape

Create an eye-catching element to your layout with a large shape covered in small die cuts.

Supplies used - Cardstock: Bazzill; Patterned paper: Echo Park and Simple Stories; Heart die cuts: Echo Park; Leaves die cut: Pebbles in My Pocket; Heart punch: Fiskars; Wooden hearts: Studio Calico; Chip- board embellishments: Echo Park; Stickers: Echo Park and Simple Stories; Computer font: Avenir Next Condensed

It's no secret that I like to go theme-extreme when creating layout design! I just can't help myself!

For this layout I wanted to use hearts for several reasons - I love my son, I love this photo, I love fall, and I love using hearts. However, I also really love using leaf details. They are so fun to layer and group together because you can typically find several different leaf shapes and layer them without it turning into a big, unrecognizable blob. That's when I decided to marry hearts with leaves by creating a large leaf heart.

I started with a 6" heart cut out of white cardstock. This is the base that the leaves will be arranged on. I feel like it's much easier to start with a base piece than it is to try to construct a leaf heart on your own.

I didn't want a lot of the white cardstock heart showing, but it's a little difficult with a shape like a leaf to not have some showing. The white cardstock I used for my heart is the same cardstock I used as the base for my layout so if some is showing, it will blend in nicely.

To cover as much as I could, without getting too bulky, I covered the heart in a base layer of leaves first, then went back and added a second layer on top of those, covering as much of the gaps in between the leaves in the first layer.

To really emphasize the shape of the heart I added a hand-stitched border around the whole heart.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to creating a themed shape. You can cover a shape like a heart, star, square, circle, hexagon, triangle, or diamond with:

• snowflakes

• flowers

• pumpkins

• Easter eggs

• clouds

• splashes/waves

• Mickey ears

• stars

• numbers

• letters

• confetti

• paw prints

• hearts

• stars

• sports balls

• cameras

Seriously! There are so many things you can do with this design concept!

For the rest of my layout I added more hearts and leaves to coordinate with my leaf covered heart.

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2 comentarios

11 nov 2020

I just love this layout. How did you do the leaves and branches?

Me gusta

11 nov 2020

I absolutely love this layout. I’m practicing my stitching so I think I’m ready to stitch on a layout. This one just may be the one I use.

Me gusta
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