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Scrapbooking Quick Tip: Covering a Large Shape w/ Small Pieces

I think it was using 6x6" paper pads that really got me on a kick of using small pieces to cover a large shape for really fun, detailed designs. There's so much you can do with this concept and so many shapes you can use it with.

My layout today uses that concept to create a large pineapple.

I cut an oval out of cardstock and then covered it in layers of circles to mimic the look of a pineapple. The I used my Silhouette to cut out the green stem to add to the top.

For added texture and detail and to really make that layered circle pattern stand out, I added a hand-stitched border on each circle.

This concept can be use with so many shapes and designs. You can start with a base shape like a...

• circle

• square

• star

• heart

• hexagon

• rectangle

• oval

and add a pattern of smaller shapes or details on top using...

• vertical strips

• horizontal strips

• circles

• chevron pieces

• scallop strips

• squares

• hexagons

• diamonds

It's such a fun design concept that can produce unlimited and unique designs.

For the rest of my layout I used floral accents, some watercolor splatters, and a fun banner in the top corner.

If you want step by step instructions for completing this layout, the sketch used, and four two-page sketch options you can grab it all here:

Want to see more? Find me on...

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That would be an awesome opener to my Hawaii album. Thanks for the inspiration!


Very cool concept. Now I just need to remember it for that perfect photo opportunity!

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