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Scrapbooking Quick Tip: Designing Around Photo Blocks

My layout today was so easy to put together and I followed a very simple design concept that I like to use often: designing around a photo block. It's easy, it's fast, and it's customizable to any set of photos, amount of photos, or themes.

As you can see the majority of my layout is a large photo block that stretches across both pages. For this photo block I used a combination of, from left to right, two 2 x 3" photos, a 4 x 6" card, a 4 x 6" photo, three 2 x 2" photos, one 6 x 4" photo, and one 4 x 6" photo. Although this photo block is made up of a variety of sizes, the overall size is equal on the left and right side of the layout. This gives me equal margins around the edge, which is something I often strive for to have balance on my layout.

Then to accent this photo block I added three wave strips along the bottom with three accent photos and journaling strips.

This design fills in the rest of the page, leaving the same margin that is at the top of the photo block to the top of the page. Again, maintaining balance on the layout.

Looking at this specific design with the photo block on the top and then a section along the bottom of patterned paper detail, here are a few more ideas you could use:

• 1/2" vertical strips.

• 1/2" vertical strips turned into birthday candles.

• Three straight horizontal strips.

• 2 x 2" squares.

• Wavy strips to create snowy hills, a flower garden, or roads.

• Hexagons to create a pattern along the bottom.

• Rows of shapes like stars, hearts, or circles.

• Add a bunch of spiders hanging or falling leaves or snowflakes.

• Flip the design and have the photo block at the bottom and the paper design at the top.

You can take these ideas and the concept of designing around a large photo block and apply it to so many different configurations...

• Photo block on top with papers along the bottom.

• Photo block on bottom with papers along the top.

• Photo block on the left with papers on the right.

• Photo block on the right with papers on the left.

• Photo block in the middle with papers on the left and right.

I bet you can come up with many more too!

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