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14 Ways to Include Love Journaling on Your Scrapbook Layouts

Try these different journaling prompts and ideas to document the things you love on your scrapbook layouts.

I had Drew and Jackson assist me with my journaling on this layout. They, mostly Drew, told me what they love the most about their Dad. Jackson was only a couple of years old when I made this layout and he kept getting distracted every two seconds and would mostly just say, "Yeah!" after Drew shared his reasons. It was cute and funny!

This is one of those layouts that I will always smile and get sentimental when I see it. Capturing the voice of our kids in journaling can be such a touching way to document a memory or moment.

If you are looking for more ways to document the love in your life, try some of these prompts:

1. Write a top ten list of the things you love. It can be a general over-all type of list or you can get specific with places, people (like we did on my layout), sports, movies, foods, etc.

2. Write about the moment you knew you loved someone. How did you know? What happened to make you realize it.

3. Describe in detail what love means to you.

4. Write a gushy love letter to someone.

5. Use your favorite love quotes or song lyrics.

6. Ask each member of your family to list the five things they love most.

7. Ask each member of your family why they love a specific person in your family. Mom, Dad, siblings, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, etc.

8. What have you learned about love in your lifetime? Has your idea of love changed from your youth until now? How did it change?

9. Use loving texts or messages that someone sent to you.

10. Describe the unique love you have for your significant other, child, friend, parent, etc.

11. What does your significant other, child, friend, parent, etc. do to show you that they love you. What do you do to show your love to them?

12. What do you think people love most about you?

13. What is the best thing about being in love?

14. Finish the sentence: Love feels like... Think about the senses like sight, sound, taste, touch, and hearing.

Enjoy and have a very Happy Valentine's Day!!

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