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"Brotherly Love" Using an AD Downloads Sketch

One of the aspects of sketches that I love is how flexible they can be. You can change them a little or change them a lot. You can switch up the shapes, the amount of photos, the angle or orientation, you can change whatever you see fit to change to fit your needs whether they are practical or creative. Sketches are the starting point, you choose how it to make it yours.

The sketch I used for my “Brotherly Love” layout is from the 2013 Love Themed Bundle.

You can purchase the bundle here:

I like this sketch so much that this is actually the second time I’ve used it. The first time I followed along the details of the sketch closely, this time I changed it up a bit.

The biggest and yet a really simple (that sounds a little contradictory, doesn’t it!?) change I made was the largest circle on the layout. The sketch uses a large scallop circle and while I do love the look, I felt it was a little more on the girly side for a layout about my boys. I figured that since that element made the sketch a little more girly, why not trade it for an element that made it a little more boyish? So, I switched the scallops for gears on a cogwheel shape. (Hopefully I used the right terminology there!) Subtle changes like simply switching out one shape for another can make a big impact on your layout.

The rest of the changes were really minor. I added some hearts in to fit my theme and in typical Allison-style, I added some extra hand stitching around the circles. Whenever I have a background made up of shapes like this one, I like to add a stitched border to a few to add some texture and dimension to a flat shape.

Supplies - Cardstock: American Crafts; Patterned paper: PhotoPlay; Stickers: Photoplay and Simple Stories; Puffy alphabet stickers (black): Heidi Swapp

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