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"First Halloween" and Creating Movement Across Your Layout

This layout is kind of a throwback, both pictures and date of creation, but it's got a fun design element that I wanted to share.

We've come a long way in terms of Halloween celebrations in my family. The first Halloween event we recorded was Drew’s first Halloween and it was a pretty low key gathering at Scrapbook Generation. Over the years it’s grown from taking Drew and Jackson trick or treating at SG to a full blown party at our house complete with spooky decorations and fun Halloween themed food with family and Drew and Jackson’s friends. It’s has built up into quite the event and one we always look forward to each year!

When it comes to creating Halloween pages, sometimes I tend to go overboard with the theme. Stitched spider webs and giant witch hats…I just can’t help myself! This girl loves to really get into a theme and go all out! However, with this layout, I didn’t get crazy with Halloween extras and kept it pretty simple by using just a few Halloween stickers.

The main design element on the page is the giant wave/swirl of stars going across the whole layout. I love using wavy and curved lines to create a sweeping motion across a layout. It’s a great accent for drawing the attention across your whole page. It’s also a good trick for creating movement across a page. Think of action pages you might make:

• sports balls bouncing • leaves blowing in the wind • a child or pet running • cars in motion • someone jumping on a trampoline • people dancing • riding bikes, scooters, or skateboards

To create the wave of stars across the page, I started with three large stars and placed them to create that common triangle of elements we so often hear about in design. I like to add some hand stitching to accent larger die cut pieces like I did on the larger stars. A simple die cut can look so flat on a page and stitching just gives it that extra dimension and texture to really make those pieces stand out.

To fill in the rest of the wavy line and curves, I used a combination of multiple sizes, styles, and textures of stars. I also added a few jewels here and there to finish the look. What I really enjoy about a design like this is that the stars can be replaced with so many other fun shapes like hearts, flowers, circles, or leaves.

Give the wavy, sweeping, bouncing, curvy line of elements across your page a try sometime!

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