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Fun With Photo Blocks | #5

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Get the best of both worlds by including more photos with a large photo block on one side of your layout while still having some fun by creating a more traditional scrapbooking design on the other.

My youngest son, Jackson, was 100% obsessed with Mickey Mouse. He had a stuffed Mickey that he carried all the time, everywhere he went, including two full days at Disney World. I think it was a mixture of not wanting to go all day without his Mickey and also proving to the real deal Mickey just how devoted he was. It was cute!

Since we were at Disney, I of course took a million and one photos and captured a lot of Jackson with his stuffed Mickey. I had so many that I wanted to include on my layout! That's what I love so much about creating with large photo blocks, I can include a ton of photos (12 on this layout) without sacrificing design.

On the left side I went for a more traditional scrapbook design. I created a smaller photo block with one larger photo (one of my favorites) paired with a 4x6" card to use for my journaling and title.

When creating photo blocks I will almost always use 3x4" or 4x6" cards to help me build that design.

I also added some banner strips and punched Mickey ears to the edge of that smaller photo block design.

On the right side, I covered the whole layout with photos and cards. Generally, the easiest option is to go with 3x4 / 4x3" and 4x6 / 6x4" photos and cards, but sometimes it's fun to mix it up and create larger pieces.

Most of the right side base is made up of 3x4" cards and photos. I used one 6x4" photo that fit in nicely with the 3x4" pieces.

On two of the cards I added some small photos on top of them.

I love mixing cards with photos so I get to fill that space with some colorful or fun design while also including a photo.

For the last section of the large block, I used a 6x8" piece to act as a background to highlight another favorite photo and another smaller photo.

When creating these large blocks, you can mix and match to fit the amount of photos you have. You can go with the super simple approach of using all 3x4" photos and cards or all 4x6" photos and cards. Or, you build your own pieces and incorporate things like:

• 12 x 4" strip

• 6 x 8" piece

• 2 x 12" strip

• 2 x 2" squares

• 3 x 3" squares

• 4 x 4" squares

• 6 x 6" square

• 12 x 3" strips

• 12 x 6" strip

I always look at it like a puzzle to solve using my photos and scrapbooking supplies.

If you enjoy using this large photo block design method be sure to check out the sketch bundles at!

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