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"Jackson and Stacey" and Journaling From a Different Perspective

Out of all 365 days in the year, how cool is it that two of my favorite people in this whole world happen to share a birthday? My son and my sister. My baby and my best friend.

I wish I could report that sharing a birthday meant they shared the same personality, but honestly, they couldn't be more different from each other. She's loud, outgoing, and not afraid to stand out in a crowd. He's quiet, shy, and avoids the crowd. The differences in their personality hasn't stopped them from having the most special Aunt/Nephew bond. He absolutely adores her and she is the very definition of "Awesome Aunt."

For the journaling on this layout I turned to Jackson and had him tell me, "What do you love about your Aunt Stacey?"

His answer was very short and sweet. It's not always easy to get words out of him!

It's always interesting and often times comical to get your kid's perspective on people, events, or just their general thoughts on life. Documenting a child's perspective gives you the opportunity to capture the way they speak and their personality while getting a different viewpoint.

A good start is to simply ask, "What are your thoughts on..." Some kids will give all you need with that one question. If you have a shy guy like I do on your hands, you might have to ask more specific questions to get a more detailed answer. I also like to use visuals like pictures of an event or person to help them see what I'm asking questions about. Another way you can get a different perspective from your kids is to come up with a set of interview questions like this:

What is your favorite thing about ______?

How does _______ make you feel?

Describe how _______ smells? Feels? Tastes? Looks?

What did you like most about ______?

What did you like least about ______?

You can find a lot more information about capturing different perspectives and thousands of journaling prompts that you can use with your children, in my book: Writing To Remember.

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