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June Word of the Month: DAD

It only seemed fair that if last month was all about Mom, this month should be all about Dad!

The word for the month of April is: DAD (or father, daddy, dada, etc.)

The definition of the word Dad is: Usually I would use a definition from the dictionary, but this month, just like last month, it’s a little different. Each of us are going to have our own unique definition of what the word Dad means to us. How would you define your dad? How would you define your husband as a dad? I did find a few dad definitions on Pinterest…

Dad - 1. A man who raises children with love and patience. 2. Provider, hero, protector. 3. Someone who gives advice and teaches by example. See also: Superhero.

Dad - 1. father, guardian, protector, carer, friend. 2. teacher, mentor, coach, task master, listener. 3. sports fanatic, mower man, kind of corner jokes and crap facts, taxi, part-time fun guy, part-time fun police. 4. tough on the outside, soft in the middle. 5. best dad a kid could ask for.

Other words and phrases that might be helpful in your journaling are: wholehearted, complete, total, unconditional, love, nurture, nurturer, care for, take care of, look after, parent, encourage, strength, hold up, provide for, comfort, console, friendship, care, tenderness, warmth, adoration, compassion, think the world of, superhero, superhuman, extraordinary, heroic, support, legend, hero, mentor, coach, protector

Page ideas and journaling prompts you could use:

These journaling prompts can work as a guide for your own personal writing or try interviewing your kids or your husband with some of the prompts.

Find more many journaling prompts and topics in my ebook Writing to Remember: A Guide For Scrapbook Journaling

One of the greatest experiences I have had in my life is watching my husband be a father to our children. As a child I only saw my dad every other weekend and I always wished it could be more. Getting to see my kids spend full-time with their dad, whether it's wrestling, giggling, being gross, eye-rolling, jiu-jitsu-ing, arguing, and all that other dad/kid stuff, it makes my heart so happy. Dad's are pretty awesome! At least the ones I have known have been!

Jackson and his dad are all about rough-housing. They can rarely pass by each other without throwing a punch, kicking or tripping, and many times they end up rolling around on the ground in a wrestling match. Even being dressed up for Easter doesn't stop them from some rough play!

For the design on this layout, I chose elements that felt a little manlier like wooden hearts, burlap hearts, and wooden frames to match the manly-ish style of the Authentique papers.

If you create a layout using the word of the month be sure to share it!

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