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Fun With Photo Blocks | #2

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

I think one of the biggest shocks that came with having boys is how incredibly sweet they can be. They both have always enjoyed making me pictures and writing sweet little notes here and there.

I’m a total sentimental sap so I end up saving every single little love note or drawing. My sentimental tie to these things are starting to burst right out of my storage closet so I might have to come up with a better storage solution soon!

For the design of this layout I went with a simple yet detailed approach on the right page. The whole right page is covered with 3 x 4” cards and photos. The simplicity comes from the easy design of using cards. The detailed look came from adding lots of little pictures and embellishments to dress up the cards and highlight some of my favorite handmade gifts and notes from my kids.

I really enjoy using cards for a simple design like this and greatly appreciate all the companies that make them in a variety of sizes. One of my go-to designs is to cover one page of a two-page layout with cards either in all the same size (like 3 x 4”, 4 x 4”, or 6 x 4”) or mix it up into a large combination of different sizes of cards. All you have to do is throw in a few pictures that fit into the mix and maybe an embellishment or two and you end up with a beautifully easy layout design.

Do you like to use 3 x 4", 4 x 4", or 6 x 4" cards? What is your favorite size to use?

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