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"Muddy Buddies" and Using Stripes

Boys. Mud puddle. You know it’s going to happen.

I knew they were going to do some playing in it, I had no idea they were going to go so far as to covering themselves in it! It was all fun games until the mud started to dry and they couldn’t come inside until they were hosed down.

With muddy pictures, I wanted to replicate the muddy look on my page both with color and with design. I used a small circle template and some brown mist to create my own “muddy” background to match those cute, mud smeared faces.

Since my layout was so heavily brown with it being the main color in the photos and I used brown for the background, I decided to add a little color with some patterned paper. A lot of times I rely on a stripe to help me decide what colors I want to use. A stripe is always a great paper to help tie all the colors of your layout together. For example, in searching for papers for this layout, I was looking for a stripe that had a brown in it to match my photos. Then I added in embellishments in some of the other colors (the blues and the orange) found in the stripe.

I don’t always use a stripe on every layout, but I admit I am always a little disappointed when I find a collection that doesn’t have a stripe. It’s the perfect paper for bringing everything together!

Are you a “must have stripe” person or not? Do you have any tips or tricks for bring everything on your layout together?

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