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"My & My Boys" Using an AD Downloadable Sketch

For six years, since August of 2012, I’ve been creating downloadable sketches. Each month, on the third Wednesday, I release a new set of sketches. They come in a variety of packages from individual sketches to twenty sketch bundles. Some have specific themes like Christmas and love, some focus on design elements like circles or squares, while others focus on photos like using 4x6 only or incorporating 8x10 photos or sketch packages with a specific number of photos on each sketch. You can check them all out by visiting SG here:

For years I’ve created all of these sketches and always made a mental note to go back some day and make a layout with them. So that snowballed into another new feature I’m going to share here. Each month I’ll take a sketch from one of my download packages and create a layout based on it.

The layout I created for this month is based off of a sketch in the June 2015 One-page Four-pack.

This sketch package has four one-page sketches that all feature three photos on each sketch. You can purchase it here:

I used the sketch to create a layout with pictures of me and my boys. Used to I would shy away from more girly papers and colors because I had two sons. However, one thing I’ve learned through them, my youngest more specifically, is that you can’t limit yourself or what you love based on gender. I’ve taken their lead and started using more pinks and florals with pictures of them. It’s been fun getting to play around and have more freedom and choices with paper and pattern options.

I made a few minor adjustments to the sketch to fit what I was working with.

• I added a stitched border around the background pieces. I also added some small punched hearts over a few places on the stitching.

• I changed the heart embellishments to popsicles and word stickers. I also added a punched heart with some stitching. Most of the time when I use a punched shape, I add some stitching around it to add some texture and dimension. Plus, I just love stitching on things!

• My journaling was a bit lengthy so I had to extend my journaling strips to the top and bottom of the piece they are on. One of my favorite things about journaling strips is that you can wrap them around the elements on your page and basically custom fit them into any area you need.

Paper and embellishments from the Echo Park Paper "Good Day Sunshine" collection.

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