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NEW Online Scrapbook Layout Class | Christmas Joy

I'm so excited to announce...

After teaching my We Create classes this year I decided that I wanted to bring that format to the online world. I'm hoping to do many more of these in the future!

Here are the important details:

Cost: $8

Link to purchase: Christmas Joy Class

When: THIS Saturday, December 18

You do not have to be present at that time. If you are busy right now or this weekend or for a year, you can still access the content after the day/time it is posted. There is no deadline to view or participate.

This class includes:

• A one-page scrapbook layout designed by Allison Davis (Don't worry two-page scrapbookers! There are two-page sketch options for you!)

• BONUS LAYOUT showing a simplified version of the layout design.

• 1 one-page sketch with measurements and placements.

• 24 additional sketch options showing how to adapt the sketch to fit different needs like simplifying the design, altering the design to fit different themes, using more photos using less photos, creating two-page layouts, and creating 8-1/2 x 11" layouts.

• 10-page PDF with a large photo of the completed layouts, supply lists, and step-by-step instructions for completing the layout design.

• Video showing in detail how to complete the layout.

• Access to a private Facebook group where the video will be posted.

• Layout Gallery where everyone can share their layouts with the group.

How does the class work?

If you are busy and the timing just isn't right at the moment don't worry, you can access it at anytime or date that works for you and your schedule.


• If you want to share your layout or see what others have create there is a layout gallery available.

• You are not required to participate in anyway. You can be a silent observer and just enjoy the content if you want.

If you have any questions, be sure to let me know!

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