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"...One Must Always Be Different" and Wooden Planks Made With an Embossing Folder

Have you ever tried to recreate something that is in your pictures, with your scrapbooking supplies?

I often times get an urge to incorporate certain elements of the theme or photos into the design of my layout. A lot of times this comes in the form of homemade embellishments or little details that kind of mimic the details in the photos.

I had this set of photos of Drew in our backyard with our fence as the background. I had just gotten my hands on a Tim Holtz embossing folder that was made to look like wooden planks. How perfect, I thought! I used it with different colors of papers to match the patterned papers and cut out individual planks to create my own colorful fence. The paper that I used had a white core so I lightly sanded the top of it to expose some of the white and give the planks a more weathered look.

This was my first time using an embossing folder and I have to say, I was hooked! I love the texture and detail it adds!

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