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One Patterned Paper, Two Layouts: Layout #1

Since I've started using a Silhouette I find that often times I make my cuts, and then save the scrap piece that was cut from to use later. I'm one of those that will save every little scrap so it's hard for me to throw out those die cut scrap pieces. Especially ones that have major "use later" potential.

I've got two layouts to share that the main design is made from one sheet of pattern paper. One layout uses the die cut, the other one uses the paper that the die cut was cut from. Today I'm sharing the first one, the second one will come later this week.

A while back I saw a layout somewhere that was a heart sunburst with stitching filling in the open spaces. (If I could remember where and who it was from I would credit them, but I seriously don't have a clue!) Anytime I see a design idea that inspires me I make note of it on my phone and whenever I'm in the mood to create something I'll browse through those notes. I was in the mood to do something with a big heart on the center of my layout so that heart sunburst idea really stuck out to me.

A heart sunburst might seem a little bit intimidating to create, but I promise it's much easier than you might think. Here's how I created mine:

Step #1 - I used my Silhouette to cut out a large heart from the center of the "love" patterned paper.

Step #2 - After the heart was cut out, I flipped it over to the backside and used my ruler to find the center point and make a pencil mark. This is going to be the meeting point for each sunburst piece.

Step #3 - Now I make a pencil mark on the outer edge of the heart every 1" starting with the bottom point of the heart. You'll want to make sure that you have an even number of sections so you have that alternating pattern of open sections and sunburst strips. An odd number would result in two open sections or two strips together.

Also, your markings on the outer edge might differ depending on the size of your heart. Since it's on the backside you can always adjust and change as needed.

Step #4 - After you have those outer edge markings you can start using your ruler to draw a line from the outer edge marking to the meeting point in the middle of the heart.

Step #5 - After each line is drawn I recommend making an "X" or some marking on every other section. This helps to ensure that you cut out the right sections.

Step #6 - Cut out every other section, the ones with the "X" on them. DO NOT cut them all the way to the meeting point. It's much easier to adhere this heart to the layout if you leave it as all one piece.

You can see that on mine I left about 1" in the center for each strip so that sunburst design remains together as one piece.

Step #7 - Now you can adhere the heart sunburst to your layout.

When I cut this heart out on my Silhouette, I had it cut out of the center of the patterned paper. Now I can use that heart cut out as a guide to help me adhere the sunburst to the center of my layout. Trying to adhere a sunburst design that is all one piece can be tricky, but this made it super easy and it's right in the center just like I wanted.

Step #8 - To add the lines of stitching, I kept the heart cut out in place to help me make sure those lines come to the edge and round out that heart design. This was much easier and precise than trying to guess where those lines should end to create the heart shape.

To make the stitched lines I used a pencil and my ruler to draw three lines in each open section. I started with the two lines by the edges (shown above) and then added the one in the middle.

I didn't add my stitching until I had my photo and larger embellishments adhered to the layout. I like to do the pencil lines before I have too much on the layout, it makes it much easier to add them at that point. It's much harder to use a ruler when you've got dimension elements on your layout. Then I wait to stitch after I've added the larger pieces. There's no use in stitching in areas that are going to be covered by those pieces.

Here's a closer look at the details of my finished layout.

I used three different colors for the stitched lines - a light pink, a blue, and a dark pink.

I used a stencil and ink with a blending brush to add the hearts. Some are directly on my base paper and some I added to a scrap piece, cut them out, and adhered them to my layout with foam adhesive. I love adding dimension and this was an easy way to do that.

I also added in some small enamel hearts and sequins.

Want to recreate this look? Here's what I used:

• Patterned paper and stickers - Simple Stories "Happy Hearts" Collection

• Stencil - Newton's Nook

• Ink - Tim Holtz Distress Ink in Worn Lipstick and Antique Linen

• Gold glitter hearts - American Crafts

• Enamel hearts - Doodlebug Shape Sprinkles

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