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Scrapbook Design Idea: Square Wreath

When I started playing around with design ideas for this 2022 We Create class, I knew that I wanted to create a wreath filled with lots of different stars. As I started arranging them in the standard wreath shape of a circle, I suddenly felt like doing something a little different - a square wreath.

Now I know a square wreath isn't anything revolutionary, it just felt like a nice change of pace from the norm. And, I loved the idea of giving the wreath design a bit more of a boyish look with the straight edges.

Anytime I put together a wreath design (or really any cluster design) I start with my largest pieces first to create a base design. Then I go in with some medium size pieces to fill in the bigger gabs and finish with the smallest pieces filling in the smaller gaps.

I also like to add some dimension with those smaller pieces by adhering them with foam adhesive. For added interest I also added some word/phrase stickers and other die cuts.

I also added my title in as part of the wreath design.

For the middle I added two photos and my journaling. That part was super easy!

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