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Scrapbook Design Idea: Tags Background

When Simple Stories started making these super cute sheets of patterned paper covered in tags, I knew that it was time to up my tag game!

I always love the look of tags and believe me, I have plenty of them, but for some reason they just haven’t been something I turn to use very often. I have no idea why! Well, Simple Stories has convinced me that it’s time to start using tags more!

This layout is from a class I taught at the 2022 She Loves Color Designer Day event. The class was all about using and adapting sketches and we used one sketch as a starting point for three different layouts. It was like a live version of Sketch Support.

The sketch had a large square background piece and for this version we substituted it with a fun tags cluster arranged in somewhat of a square shape. Anytime I see a single large background piece on a sketch I think of the different ways I can break that up into smaller pieces. That could mean squares, strips, shapes, or in this case tags.

I thought this ended up being a really fun layout design and made me ready to use tags again!

I highly recommend that if there is something you haven’t used a lot of to jump in and use it! Just do it! You never know what fun design you might come up with!

And, if you are looking for even more to do with these tag sheets from Simple Stories, I have some leftover kits from 2023 We Create that use the tags to create a min-album.

You can find it here: Good Vibes Tag Mini-album

Shop all sketches here: Allison Davis Sketches

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