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Scrapbook Design Idea Using 6x6" Papers

On of my go-to designs for working with 6x6” paper pads is creating patterns. I love using lots of smaller pieces grouped together to create a larger design. I’m always drawn to the detail and interest with designs like that. And, today's layout is a good example of that!

For this layout in particular I created a slanted pattern with 1/2 x 3” strips and arranged them in a square. The trick for arrangements like this is to first cut a square out of cardstock in the size you want your background to be and then adhere the strips to it.

I always recommend with patterns starting in the middle and working your way out to the edges. This will ensure that you end up with a balanced pattern on that square, or whatever shape you are covering.

Another thing I love to do with patterns and small pieced backgrounds like this is to add hand-stitching for added texture, dimension, and detail. I personally like using a neutral color for all strips to give it kind of a quilted look.

For the rest of the layout I kept things really simple. With a background that is so detailed and busy, I didn’t want to overwhelm it with busy details. I have some simple circles with hearts, my title, and my journaling.

If you enjoy using 6x6" papers or just need some ideas for using up some scraps, be sure to check out all of the sketches we have at Scrapbook Generation, made specifically with 6x6" papers in mind.

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