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Scrapbook Layout | Christmas Card Photos

This layout is a bit of a throwback. I made it several years ago for a Christmas sketch book for Scrapbook Generation. I wanted to share it today because it's got one of my favorite, and super easy, Christmas tree designs to make.

I love giving myself little challenges with themes and when it comes to the holidays I really enjoy finding different ways to make Christmas trees. This one is a design that I've used several times because it's easy to make and adjust to different sizes.

It has a long vertical strip for the trunk and then there are several horizontal strips arranged on top going from longest at the bottom to shortest at the top. I typically use 1/2" strips for all strips, but can use larger or smaller to customize.

There are also several ways you can dress the tree up. For this layout I added a garland with small punched circles and stitching and then a layered star at the top. You could also add ornaments or lights.

It really is a fun tree design to play around with!

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