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Scrapbook Layout: Enjoy Today & Working with 4x6" Photos

Today I've got a very simple, 4x6" photo only layout to share with you.

When it comes to using 4x6" or 6x4" photos I tend to have go-to arrangements that I will use often. The reality is there are only so many arrangements you can do with that size of photo. Instead of focusing so much on figuring out different arrangements, I like to focus on finding unique ways to play around with paper.

My layout today shows two of my favored arrangements with 4x6" photos.

The first is using photos in a straight row across the layout. It's such an easy layout and there's tons you can do with papers to decorate around that arrangement. On this layout I used horizontal strips along the bottom with a big title/journaling/embellishment cluster and then along the top I've got some stitching and heart accents.

Some other fun ideas for paper designs matched with a straight row of photos is:

• banner pieces or strips above and below the photos.

• squares above and below

• a single row of 3 x 4" cards above or below

• shapes like stars, hearts, or hexagons above and below

• small vertical strips above and below

The second 4x6" photo arrangement on this layout is the block of four photos that goes from top to bottom of the layout. This is the beauty of working with 12" papers and 4x6" or 6x4" photos together - they fit perfectly together.

Blocks like this are easy and give you an opportunity to include many papers elsewhere on your layout. You could have a block of six 4x6" photos on one side of the layout and then focus on a fun paper design with just one or two photos on the opposite side.

I added a little embellishment cluster to the center of the four photos to help tie it into the rest of the layout design.

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