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Scrapbook Layout from a Sketch | Making Me Smile

I’ve always loved working with hexagons. It’s such a versatile shape to work with. You can group them together in a pattern, you can use a large one for a unique background, you can layer them, flip them…I can go on and on! One of the best things about this shape is that you can use them in two different directions for different looks. Usually I use them turned with the points on the left and right edges, but the layout I’m sharing today has them turned with the points on the top and bottom. I liked the change!

This layout is actually from a sketch in the Sketches w/ Hexagons: One-page Sketches set. There are sooooo many sketches in this set that I can't wait to use!

The sketch and my layout is really quite simple. The hexagons are arranged in a grid pattern with some space in between them.

This is another change from how I usually create with hexagons! Most of the time I place them lined up together, so this was a fun jump out of my usual tendencies.

Each hexagons has a fun detail on it from stickers to cut outs to wooden embellishments.

This was such a fun way to include lots of detail without overwhelming the layout!

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