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Scrapbook Layout Idea Using 6x6" Paper Pads | Sweet Treats

One of the greatest things about using 6x6" paper pads is that the pattern of the paper has been shrunken down. This means that you can cut smaller pieces without losing that pattern. You can still get a clear picture and lots of detail in that pattern. For someone like me, who loves creating with smaller pieces, this is a big win!

The background for this layout is made up of 1 x 6" vertical strips arranged across the whole layout. This is an easy design for those smaller papers and it can work with so many different adjustments to fit different photos or themes.

I added a black accent stitched line on a few of the strips to add some texture and dimension.

For my embellishments, there are two clusters of hearts, flowers, and word/phrase stickers. One is at the bottom right edge of the strips and the other is at the top left edge.

I really loved the heart frame pieces, but didn't have very many so I used one as a template to add some stitched versions within the cluster design.

This layout uses a sketch from the Sketches for 6x6" Paper Pads: One-page Sketches bundle. You can find it here:

This layout and the sketch bundle above was also part of a group/class that I hosted on Facebook. If you want all of the PDFs included from that class you can grab them here:

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2 comentários

Such a cute layout. i love this bundle and refer to it often. May I ask what font you use for your journal strips, it so clean and crisp.

07 de fev. de 2023
Respondendo a

Thank you!! It's called Century Gothic. It's my absolute favorite font to use for journaling!

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