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Scrapbooking How to: Creating a Spring Scene on Your Layout

A fun scrapbooking idea is to take your theme and incorporate it into the design by create a scene on your layout.

This layout design all began with the rain drop patterned paper. All I could see when I looked at the paper was what a good background it would be to create a Spring scene on top of it.

What I love about creating a scene is that you have this detailed landscape that you created out of several different pieces and materials. It's just fun to see it all being built and coming together to make this themed look.

To create my scene I used:

• the rain drop patterned paper as the sky/background

• green fringe cut patterned paper strips for grass

• flower stickers and leaf stickers

• enamel dots for the center of the flowers

• hand-stitching for the flower stems

• word stickers

• a snail sticker tucked into the grass

Other fun theme scenes you can create are:

• eggs hidden in the grass for a Easter theme

• waves of water and splashes for a beach or summer theme

• clouds and rain for a rainy day theme

• fireworks shooting up and exploding in the sky

• a road with cars and trucks driving on it

• snowflakes falling to the ground or a big snowy hill with a sled going down it

• falling leaves that land in a pile of leaves on the ground

• a pumpkin patch with vines and fall animals

• a tree limb with leaves, birds, and a bird house

• a large tree with falling leaves for Fall or lots of green leaves for Spring

• a line of house to create a street or city look

There are so many you can do!

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Love this layout!!! What brand are the stickers?

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