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Scrapbooking Quick Tip: Using Poems for Journaling

While browsing through Pinterest one late night I came across this brothers poem and I loved it so much and really wanted to use it on a layout. I had so many random photos of Drew and Jackson together, some leftover from other layouts I had created, and I thought this poem would be a good opportunity to get those photos on a layout.

Pinterest is a great source for finding poems that might fit the theme you are working with. If you don’t have luck finding what you are looking for there be sure to check out the following websites:

Both have a pretty big selection of poetry and you can search for specific themes.

If you are looking to customize your journaling a little more than that, you could always create your own poem.

The first place to start is by gathering the facts that you want to include in your poem. It might help to write out a list of the details you want to include in order of importance so you know what has to be in there and what can be left out if needed.

The next helpful tip is to find words that fit the theme of your poem. For example, if I was writing a poem about a day at the beach, I might use words like sand, waves, seagulls, sharks, sunscreen, palm trees, snorkel, or swimming. Having a list of words that are related to your theme can help you when it comes time to piece everything together.

If you want your poem to rhyme, it might help to find some rhyming words that go with your theme words. For example, going off of my list of theme words above, I could make a list like this:

• sand - hand, band, land, grand, stand

• waves - saves, caves, craves, raves • seagulls - dulls, nulls, skulls • shark - bark, park, dark, mark

If you are having trouble coming up with rhyming words, check out You can type in any word and it will show you all the words and phrases that rhyme with that word.

When it comes to the structure of your poem, there are tons of possibilities and formats. With rhyming poems you can switch up which lines rhyme with each other. For example:

• the first line rhymes with the second line

• every other line rhymes

If you want to involve your family or friends you can have each one contribute a line to the poem, following the same pattern. For example:

• Drew - line #1

• Jackson - line #2

• Me - line #3

• Drew - line #4

• Jackson - line #5

• Me - line #6

Acrostic poems are another fun one for scrapbook journaling. An acrostic poem is a type of poetry where you take a word or name and arrange it vertically. then you use the letters of the word or name as the beginning of words that represent the word or name. For example: using the word "summer."

Spending time

Under the sun.

Messy hair

Much fun

Enjoy life


You can also use any letter within the words to spell out summer. For example:

splaShing around

seagUlls overhead palM trees swaying

beach buMs lifEguard on duty

tropical paRadise

These are just a few idea. If you want more journaling tip, trick, ideas, and prompts be sure to check out my ebook: Writing to Remember: A Guide for Scrapbook Journaling. This book is the like the ultimate resource to help you enhance your journaling skills. Included are 6 separate ebooks - totalling over 1,100 pages of guidance, inspiration, writing prompts, topics, and so much more! By the time you finish this book you’ll have an endless amount of journaling ideas and topics to use and enjoy.

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