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Scrapbooking With 6x6" Paper Pads

My layout today combines my four Scrapbooking loves...

1. 6x6" paper pads

2. water themes

3. sketches

4. hand-stitching

This layout is from my Scrapbooking with 6x6" Paper Pads: One-page Sketches class. This was one of my favorite sketches in the bunch! I customized it a little to go with my swimming theme by turning 6 x 1" horizontal strips into wave strips.

One of the best things about 6x6" papers is that the patterns are shrunken down so you can cut smaller strips like this and still see a significant portion of the pattern. Sometimes with larger patterns, when cut into smaller strip you lose a lot of that pattern. That rarely happens with 6x6" papers!

To help the wave design of the strips to stand out, I added hand-stitching along the wave edge of each one. I wanted that wave design to be bold, but sometimes when you are layering multiple patterns on top of each other the edge gets lost. Stitching was the perfect solution. If you didn't want to do stitching you could make sure you are layering contrasting colors on top of each other or use ink along the wave edges.

To go with my swimming theme I also used watercolor and a brush to spray some droplets on the white cardstock base. Then I used some Nuvo Jewel Drops in Sea Breeze to add a few water drops throughout that watercolor spray.

I also added some fun ocean/water themed embellishment to kind of create a scene within the wave design. I used coral, fish, a big yellow submarine, and a jellyfish.

If you want to purchase the Sketches for 6x6" Paper Pads: One-page Sketches bundle you can find it here...

There are also two new 6x6" Paper Pads sketch bundles that just came out a week ago.

Want to see more? Find me on...

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