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Scrapbooking With 6x6" Paper Pads | Using 1" Squares

One of the absolute greatest things about 6x6" paper pads is that the patterns have all been shrunken down to match the smaller size of paper. What makes this awesome is that you can get away with cutting really small pieces out of those patterns without losing the pattern. That's why 6x6" papers will always be my go-to for smaller pieces.

A fun and easy smaller sized shape to work with when using 6x6" papers is a 1" square. My layout below shows an easy, yet detailed design using 1" squares as the main element.

Here I used several 1" squares to create a large background that lines up with the edges of my 6 x 4" focal photo.

Two of the best things about using 1" squares like in this way...

One - You can easily work in lots of different colors and patterns when using 1" squares to create a large background design.

Two - One inch squares can pair with any photo size that is made up of whole numbers like 2", 3", or 4".

To add extra detail, texture, and dimension to my squares I also added a stitched frame to a few squares and also some punched stars added with foam adhesive.

Here are a few more ideas for designing with 1" squares:

• Use them to frame a photo or two.

• Use them to frame the layout.

• Arrange them in lines along the top and bottom of the page.

• Group them together to create a background.

• Group them with large squares. For example a set of nine 1" arrange in a square along with 3" squares. (They both end up being 3 x 3")

• Arrange them together or with small spaces between them.

• Use them to cover a large shape like a heart or star. (Cover the shape, then trim off the excess hanging over the edges.)

Here is a closer look at the rest of the details of my layout:

This layout is from the Sketches for 6x6 Paper Pads: One-page Sketches bundle/class.

If you missed it you can grab the full sketches with measurements and placements here: Sketches for 6x6 Paper Pads: One-page Sketches

You can also get the PDF contents from the class that includes over 400 sketch examples along with twenty 6x6" paper pad "tips and tricks" PDFs that include tons of information on how to use, adapt, and design with 6 x 6" papers.

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1 Comment

Amy Cunniff-Bleau
Amy Cunniff-Bleau
Jan 25, 2022

I love the multiple stitched lines in the opposite corners!

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