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Sketch Support #11 | Learn How to Use and Adapt Scrapbook Sketches | Day 2

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Sketch Support, Day 2 takes the 6-photo sketch and turns it into a 12-photo layout. That's double the photos AND while still staying fairly close to the sketch.

Here is the two-page sketch I used for the starting point of each layout I'm sharing this week.

You can download the full sketch with measurements and placements by clicking here.

Supplies used - Cardstock: American Crafts; Patterned papers: Echo Park and Simple Stories; Chipboard (word banners): Echo Park; Alphabet stickers: Echo Park; Foam alphabet: American Crafts; Brads: Doodlebug; Nuvo Drops: Tonic Studios; Embroidery floss: DMC; Computer font: Century Gothic

This layout has several changes, but the end result still closely resembles the sketch.

Variation #1 - Replacing a larger strip with multiple smaller strips.

I really love paper collections that have a arrow designs like you see on the papers I used. I like to cut strips, points, and notches all based on the design of the arrow pieces on the papers. It's an easy way to make interesting strips.

I wanted to do that with the papers I had selected. Instead of having a the 1" vertical strip, the 3" vertical strip, and the 1/4" striped strip like they are on the sketch, I decided to cut several arrow strips based on the design on the papers and layer them all together. It still covers roughly the same area as the strips on the sketch, it's just got a slightly different look to it.

Variation #2 - Using two smaller photos in place of a larger photo: Part 1.

I ran into a common scrapbooking problem, I had taken so many photos of Jackson playing with water balloons and I wanted to include many more than you see on the sketch.

My first solution was to use two 4 x 3" photos in place of one of the 4 x 6" photos on the left page. This is always an easy go-to for including more photos, simply splitting the larger photo in two.

Variation #3 - Using smaller photos in place of a larger photo: Part 2.

I had an "action" set of photos with Jackson squeezing and bursting a water balloon and I wanted to find a way to include them all on the layout. My solution was to use seven 2-1/2 x 3-1/2" photos in place of all of the photos on the right page.

They are arranged in the same general area as the photos on the sketch so I didn't have to make any major adjustments for them to fit. They do cover a little more of the width of the layout, but again, no adjustments were needed for that to work. I did have to shorten the width of my journaling strips, but that's easy peasy!

Each photo has a small, white mat added to help tie in and balance with two smaller photos with mats on the left page. I also arranged the photos on the right page so that they are tilted and overlapping each other just to kind of match the fun vibe of the photos.

Variation #4 - Adding extra photos.

I love using 2 x 2" photos! I know I lot of people don't enjoy using them. I totally get it too! They are so small and they take extra work because you have to edit and crop them before printing.

One of the big reasons I love them is that they are easy to add to almost any design. You can almost always find a spot or two to add some extra 2 x 2" photos. Plus, I like the extra detail they can add to a design.

Even after adding all the extra photos I did to this layout, I still had two more photos that I wanted to use and needed to find a home for. I decided to use them as 2 x 2" photos. I added a mat to each one so they wouldn't get lost and added them near the biggest splash embellishment, overlapped onto the 4 x 6" photo.

Variation #5 - Changing elements to fit your theme.

I used splashes to go with the water balloon theme of my layout.

I had some chipboard splashes that I used as a template to trace and cut out the splash designs. If you're wondering why I didn't just use the chipboard pieces, I only had one of each shape and I want to keep them to use for templates for future splash designs. Plus, I'm not a huge fan of covering and using bigger, heavier chipboard pieces. The ones I used for the template are thick and heavy!

I added a hand-stitched border to each of the splash pieces. It's pretty much a sure thing that if I am using a die cut or single layer shape, I'm going to add a stitched border to it. I like the texture and dimension it adds to a flat piece.

To further embellish the splash designs I used glitter brads (it's been awhile since I've used those!) and some Nuvo Jewel Drop splash droplets.

That's it for day 2! Check back tomorrow for the third layout!

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Sherri Couture
Sherri Couture
Jul 28, 2020

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