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Sketch Week #2 | How to Use and Adapt Scrapbook Sketches | Day 2

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Everything is upside down today!

Here's a look at the sketch I've used as the starting point for all of my layouts this week:

You can download the full two-page sketch with measurements and placements by clicking here.

Variation #1 - Flipping the sketch.

I flipped the sketch so that the strips are vertical instead of horizontal and the embellishment cluster is along the bottom of the strips.

Flipping the sketch can give you a whole new look without having to venture away from the sketch's measurements and placements. It's a super easy way to change it up without really have to change much at all.

Variation #2 - Extending the length of the background strips.

I used a longer length of strips so that my photo would have patterned papers showing above and below it. Since I did that, I moved the whole design to fit more in the center of the layout instead of close to one edge.

Sometimes I have a scrapbook design reason for moving things or doing something different. And sometimes I have no reason at all other than I liked the way it looked. This falls into the last category, I simply liked the look of the whole design centered on the layout.

Variation #3 - Use a larger photo in place of two smaller photos.

I only had one photo to use so I printed it as a 6 x 4" photo and used it in place of both of the 2-1/2 x 3-1/2" photos on the sketch. It is close enough to the combined size so I didn't have to make any extra adjustments to accommodate the larger photo.

Variation #4 - Move embellishments to fit the changed design.

I moved the small embellishment cluster in the top right corner of the sketch to the top right corner of my block of patterned paper strips. Since I was moving everything else to the center of the layout, it just seemed like the right place for those embellishments on this particular layout.

Speaking of embellishments, I've kind of got a lot going on so I'll share a little about what I used.

I started with a little spray of some mist made with watercolors. To make the mist all I did was add a drop of watercolor to a small spray bottle of water and spritzed it in the areas I wanted the color to be.

The main pieces of the clusters are the leaf and flower stickers and die cuts. I liked the black and white vine on the die cuts and really wanted more of those to add in more places, but I had already used them all up. My solution was to simply draw a few here and there with a black pen.

The last thing I added to the embellishment cluster is my new favorite product, Tonic Studio's Nuvo Jewel Drops. I love how they look like water! They are so perfect for water themed and summer layouts.

Be sure to check back again tomorrow for the last layout!

Products used - Patterned paper, stickers, die cuts: Simple Stores "Sunshine and Blue Skies"; Watercolors: Pinkfresh Studios; Nuvo Jewel Drops: Tonic Studios

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3 則留言

Cherrie Vrabel
Cherrie Vrabel

Absolutely Gorgeous!!


I love everything about this layout! I can't wait to give this sketch a try!


Annelle Grosskreutz
Annelle Grosskreutz

I love this flipping layout, Allison! This really speaks my language. Thanks so much for sharing.

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