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Sweet Splashin'

Another series I’m rolling out this month is sharing an older layout of mine, just for fun, for a Flashback Friday style of post. It’s always entertaining to go back and see how we used to do things and see how our styles have evolved.

When I look back through my older layouts I do see that I developed a pretty consistent style early on. I tend to really focus on equal, uniform spacing throughout the elements on my page. I remember I was working on my second layout ever and I just couldn’t come up with a photo arrangement that I liked. I was sitting there in the crop room at SG pushing my photos all over the paper, never settling on something I liked. My mom walked back there, and when I voiced my frustrations to her, she arranged my photos together with equal spacing and suddenly my years of high school yearbook work flooded back to me. Scrapbooking was just like designing yearbook pages! I could do this! Consistent spacing has been a design must-do for me since that day.

The splashes are another predictable design element that I use. I have always loved finding creative ways to design splashes or waves for my water themed pages. Chances are, if I’m working with water pictures, there will be splashes in some form on my layout. For the splashes on this page, I drew them first, cut them out, layered them with foam adhesive, and then added some jeweled flourishes in a few places.

Another thing that I notice that has stayed constant with me, is journaling. This layout is a prime example of why writing your stories is so important. I had completely forgotten that Jackson was so hard to take pictures of and that I started, with these very pictures, yelling, “Look! It’s McQueen!” He was so obsessed with Lightning McQueen from the Disney movie Cars that he always fell for it and looked right at me.

It’s sad sometimes how easily we forget these little details of our everyday lives! It’s pages like this that make me so thankful that I am a scrapbooker and I get the opportunity to relive these moments through my pages.

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