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AD Stitching Template Kit - T8 | Arrow Background

Today I've got a closer look at one of the AD Stitching Template Kit layouts that we did a pre-order for last year. I definitely learned that there are a lot more stitchers out there than I expected! That makes me so happy! Stitching is so fun and detailed and beautiful in my eyes!

These kits will also be available at Scrapbook Generation in May so if you missed the pre-order you can still grab one. There will also be several new ones available as well!

*Side note: even though the pattern looks off on the left edge, it is in fact centered. It's just the angle of the cropped picture that makes it look off.

For this design there is a pattern of six different colors of embroidery floss featuring blue, teal, and orange.

I used this design for some cute photos of Jackson and his adorable chubby cheek smile. I will never get tired of seeing these photos and those cheeks! I just miss being able to cup them in my hands!

To go with the arrow background I added some arrow strips in coordinating colors around the photos along with some stars and wooden circle embellishments.

Shop all sketches here: Allison Davis Sketches 

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