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Christmas Layout Idea: Our Favorite Ornaments

I always thought that as an adult I would want a Christmas tree that had perfectly matched ornaments and coordinated colors. A tree that was beautiful to look at and perfectly put together. Then I had kids and that all changed. Instead, we started buying ornaments here and there that we loved. We didn't pick them to match, we picked them because they stood out to us or represented something we enjoyed. Now, many years later, or tree is full of ornaments that have memories tied to them. The time Jackson was obsessed with Lightning McQueen or the time Drew made ornaments with his Kindergarten class. There are even a few of my favorites from my childhood. It's a tree that to us is beautiful to look at because it represents so many years of special moments.

Many years ago I made this layout showcasing some of our favorite ornaments at that time. For the design I decided to have some close up photos of our favorite ornaments mixed with some photos of the boys looking at them on the tree.

For the photos of the ornaments I thought it would be fun and festive to arrange them in the shape of a Christmas tree. I added a star to the top and the title serves at the tree trunk at the bottom.

To embellish the design I added some hand-stitched garland and then made ornaments to hang along the edges.

Each ornament was cut from patterned paper and then I added a brad to the top edge. I also added a small hook made from wire to add to each one.

On the right page I kept things simple with a large photo block and some coordinating strips of patterned paper.

This ended up being a fun design to create and one I hope to use again sometime!

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Wendy Pannell
Wendy Pannell
Dec 22, 2022

Allison, I couldn't agree more!!! Years ago I made the decision to make my tree MEANINGFUL. I sold all the store-bought ornaments, and now my ornaments have to meet one of these categories: HANDMADE (by me, friends, or family), HEIRLOOM (handed down ornaments from relatives), or MEMORY (ornaments from a special event or trip). I photographed each ornament and scrapbooked them - with a short explanation of who, when, & where for each ornament. I plan to use your tree design for this year's ornament!! Thanks for all your inspiration & Merry Christmas! Wendy

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