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Easy Scrapbook Journaling: My Favorite Things

Looking for some easy journaling ideas? Try making a list of your favorite things in a variety of topics!

I'm one of those people that LOVES making lists. From fun lists for entertainment to everyday life lists, I am a certified list-o-holic. I write a daily to-do list, if we are traveling you wouldn't believe the packing lists, and I couldn't even begin to count the amount of themed list keeping books I have on my bookshelves.




When it comes to scrapbooking, list journaling is one of the easiest and most stress-free approaches. A lot of people can be intimidated by writing out their thoughts, but that intimidation disappears when it comes to list journaling. It's so easy!!

On of the most fun lists journaling ideas is creating lists of your favorite things. You can use a variety of topics like:

• foods

• dinners

• desserts

• sports

• apps

• restaurants

• songs

• books

• tv shows

• tv channels

• games

• movies

• actor/actress

• authors

• cities

• hobbies

• candy

• quotes

Those are just a few. There are tons of favorite things lists that you can make. You can even focus in specific topics like:

• favorite things about a person or pet

• favorite cities to visit in your state

• favorite activities to do on vacation

• favorite lines from your favorite movie

• favorite menus items from your favorite restaurant

• favorite quotes from your favorite book

• favorite ways to eat peanut butter (or whatever food you like)

• favorite moments from your day to day life

• favorite childhood memories

These all work for asking yourself or you can ask other people to tell you what their favorite things are.

Another idea for favorites lists is to ask a group of people what their favorite thing is based on one topic. Then you end up with a list of ideas and perceptions from many different people from one event. Here are a few ideas:

• favorite gift from Christmas together

• favorite family recipe

• favorite moment of the event or day

• favorite thing about one family member

See! Lists are so easy and can cover a wide range of topics and can be used in many, many different settings.

If you want to see more ideas for list journaling, check out my ebook, Writing to Remember, A Guide for Scrapbook Journaling. The list section is full of tons, and I mean TONS of ideas for even more lists for favorites AND for many, many other topics.

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